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White Memorial Cemetery

White Cemetery Association was first chartered as the “White Cemetery Association” in 1855 by Innis Hollister and Thomas White. 

Thomas White was believed to have settled into Cuba Township in the year 1844.  How the cemetery property was used prior to the Association date is unknown.  It may have been used as family plots or as some historians theorize, by military travelers.  The earliest known grave is believed to be dated 1847.

Some of the earliest known settlers that are buried at White include the Pomeroy, Rieke, Bennett and Kelsey families.  It is the resting place of many veterans, the earliest being Francis Kelsey, who served as a naval captain in the War of 1812.

When Cuba Township took ownership of the property in the year 1983, it was in a rundown state.  The cemetery board has worked tirelessly over decades to bring it back to the beautiful cemetery now named “White Memorial Cemetery”.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The Cemetery is open for visitation and burials from sunrise to sunset. Anyone on the grounds after that time will be prosecuted for trespassing.
  2. Gates shall remain locked upon exiting the cemetery. Please contact Cuba Township if you are in need of a new key.
  3. A 4 1/2 “wash in requires to surround each raised marker. All markers should have a footing of at least 36” deep. There shall be no more than 1 raised grave marker permitted per site. If additional markers are required, they must be flush with the ground and placement is at the discretion of the cemetery board.
  4. Grave Stones should be placed at the west end of the gravesite and should have the writing facing east.
  5. Plans and installation of all monuments, markers and all other items of a permanent nature must be approved by the Cemetery board. Installations not approved are subject to removal at the expense of the gravesite and deed holder.
  6. No trees, bushes, shrubs, benches, chairs or enclosures of any kind are allowed on the gravesite without permission of the Cemetery Board. Other decorations and ornamental objects are also prohibited. The Board reserves the right to remove any unapproved items. Flowers and small plants are permitted.
  7. The owner of the site is responsible for maintaining individual plots and is required to remove all seasonal and faded adornments twice yearly. By April 1st and October 1st of each year, the Board reserves the right to remove all remaining items. The removal of flowers from a new gravesite will be handled by the Township not prior to 7 days after burial.
  8. Maintenance of the Cemetery is on an as-needed basis and completed by Cuba Township, with every effort being made to keep a neat and cared for appearance.
  9. Call Cuba Township for current pricing and availability of sites. Burial pricing changes from time to time so please contact for current fee schedule.

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